Taking Love For Granted Poems

When you use it up or get bored is that all it becomes to youtrash. Published at the webs largest poetry site.

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There is an echo and a message that everybody must consider.

Taking love for granted poems. Dont take love for granted by jaycee wilkerson. People take their mothers for granted and im so guilty of this but if i could just turn back the times oh what i wouldnt do for just one more day or even just a five minute conversation. Many take this word love for granted like throwing away your left overs into the trash.

Taking love for granted poem by jim yerman if love is a gifta treasureif it makes our life worthwhile if it causes us to laugh to sing to dance to dreamto smile if being in love gives us strength and beautyif it makes us feel enchanted. Taking my love for granted by kate lechoe. Read taken for granted from the story poetry by brightdreamer marissa with 5454 reads.

Dont take my love for granted please dont take my love for granted as you rush to do. Then again we can be very easily supplanted upset by little things like babies teething. Its been 3 months and oh how i wish i could call her just one last time just to tell her i love her and i miss her.

Amazing beautiful song poem so precious a plea for love to be shared and expressed. There are many things we seem to take for granted everyday things like seeing and breathing. Everyone else is here for me i cry to them instead of you.

Everyone has a someone or a something they love w. They all say that i am such a beautiful person a girl with. Im strong buti still hurt.

Love is even more. I gave you my all i showed you my all but what did you give in return. You take my love for granted more than anyone else but its still you that i want still you that i love.

Well let me tell you something not many can love or be loved so easily because overtime when they try pain always seems to creep up into their life. Sometimes we dont realize how special our love is until it is slipping away going out the door.

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