How Therapeutic Cloning Works

By using scnt scientists hope to understand how the protein factors in the egg cell cause these already. Therapeutic cloning involves the replication of human embryos to harvest stem cells for medical uses.

How Cloning May Cure Diseases One Day

Scnt has nothing to do with sexual reproduction.

How therapeutic cloning works. Therapeutic cloning involves creating a cloned embryo for the sole purpose of producing embryonic stem cells with the same dna as the donor cell. These stem cells can be used in experiments aimed at understanding disease and developing new treatments for disease. Most clones are created through a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer essentially a scientist uses a tiny needle to pull dna material from the nucleus of a donor cell and transfer it into a hollow egg.

Therapeutic cloning is sometimes referred to as somatic cell nuclear transfer or scnt. How therapeutic cloning works. The stem cells in turn can be coaxed to grow into a variety of cells that might one day be injected into patients.

Because embryonic stem cells can grow into any body cell they might be cultured into nerve cells skin cells even hair follicles for the bald. Therapeutic cloning does not strive to make whole humans. Somatic cell nuclear transfer or research cloning.

Instead it makes embryos as a source of embryonic stem cells for therapeutic purposes. Adult dna cloning cannot ethically be used to produce a human clone because experiments on animals have sometimes produced defective specimens. This starts with the same procedure as is used in adult dna cloning.

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